Spanish 3 Review

Lesson 2 Imperfect(meaning: was/were) Preterit(meaning: was/were) Yo ERA FUI Tú ERAS FUISTE Él/ella/usted ERA FUE Nosotros ÉRAMOS FUIMOS Ellos/ellas/ustedes ERAN FUERON Imperfect(meaning: was/were) Preterit(meaning: was/were) Yo ESTABA ESTUVE Tú ESTABAS ESTUVISTE Él/ella/usted ESTABA ESTUVO Nosotros ESTÁBAMOS ESTUVIMOS Ellos/ellas/ustedes ESTABAN ESTUVIERON English Sentence English Verb Answer Key She WAS a very good-looking woman was ERA The… Continue reading Spanish 3 Review

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Lesson 12

In order for Recipe 15 to kick in, the subject on the left needs to be different from the subject on the right. If you look at all the above sentences, you’ll see that this is true.To say, I hope that I have done it , we’d say, Espero que lo he hecho.Me alegro de… Continue reading Lesson 12

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Lesson 11

Lesson 11 Do you head me? What did he say What will you do? I’ll tell you, but first of all I’m going to take a shower. I’m working. //recipe 12 – ando Where are you living? They are running away. She’s giving me it. Are you eating? I’m working. //recipe 8 – present Where… Continue reading Lesson 11

Lesson 10

Lesson 10 Chapter 1 vocab we have to stop I can find them danced with the little bull although he was tired the public loved his style Thanks for the help Bulls are never killed. Bullfighters are sometimes killed. Please tell his friend Lleva esta maleta, y yo puedo llevar ésta. Yo ECHÉ de ver… Continue reading Lesson 10

Lesson 9

Lesson 9 Chapter 1 le / les they like the beach she likes the beach Jose said your train was late I’m not happy that we have to study so much I am not glad that she got sick I am sorry that you lost your job I hate that we fight all the time… Continue reading Lesson 9

Lesson 8

i want to close it i would recommend the book its time to have lunch i should return these pants i demand that they shut down this plant i woke early on sunday i would like to remain in the city could you please sit down i feel lost the people arrived why do you… Continue reading Lesson 8

Lesson 7

excuse me, sorry when he spoke he mentioned your name i spoke with her about singing a song for his birthday they spoke during meeting did you speak with my granddaughter (familiar) we ate outside under the tree those birds, they ate everything i ate more when i was young she ate fifteen sandwhiches i… Continue reading Lesson 7


Spanish Language TV Spanish Language Radio Direct vs Indirect Object Pronouns

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en la tarde estaba en bicicleta en las montañas hoy. en la manana estaba estudiando espanol por dos horas, esta noche estaba con dos amigas celebrando nuestro un ano aniversario. fuemos a comer en el resturante y escuchamos a jazz en el centro de pueblo. estaba un buena dia. tambien, mi y mi companero de… Continue reading Stories

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