Lesson 5

They had an accident.
Did you receive it?
I received it.
We wanted the opportunity.
I tried to go at 3:00.
She tried to empty the water.
We tried to measure it.
Lolita tried to call us.
They tried to offer them number six on the menu.
Did they try to improve . . . ?
I refused to speak with them.
Why did she refuse to work?
Do you want a raise?
It’s 1:00. Do you want a break?
Did you (familiar) receive a raise?
I received a raise.
We tried to measure the fabric.
I had to return the fabric.
She tried to sell me the fabric.
She would like to go tomorrow.
We like your family
Do you like the proposal?
You (familiar) like to study
What season of the year do you (familiar) like?
Did you all like the food last night?
WE WERE bored last night; We didn’t LIKE the movie.
We liked the colors
I used to go everyday.
They used to go study.
We used to go Mondays.
We went to speak with him.
When did he go?