Lesson 6

I was speaking with Juanita
What was happening
What were they looking for
We were speaking with Rafael
I was giving him the pills
We were scrubbing the floor
They were working
Was he vacuuming
The young boy was sobbing
TODO – add sentencing with VOCAB
I was giving the gift
I like to run
We used to send letters
They were crossing the street
Were they loading the truck
I used to smoke
She was carring her purse
I used to find the dog in the kitchen
I was paying the waiter
I want to run up the mountain
I went biking in the hills
I was renting an apartment
Besides, it was difficult
We were speaking
We were working
We were returning
We were practicing
We were buying
We were carrying
We were finding
Please practice how to pronounce the word
In fact, we were practicing each week
It was so easy to say
In other words, there were so many syllables
In any event, where did we put Maros red shirt?
I was living in Sinoloa
Where were you living (familiar)?
I used to live in Buenos Aires
I used to eat there
Where were they eating
Why were you living in Spain (formal)
Who was living in Colombia?
Who was eating with them?
When were you living in Mexico (familiar)
Pablo used to study his English every day.
Carlos and Lupe used to work long hours in the summer.
Ana used to help me when I had problems
They used to go to the movies every week.
Every afternoon I used to go to my Spanish class
My husband and I used to live near San Diego.
What were they looking for? -aba
They were working
We were scrubbing the floor
Marco broke the chair
They used to put lemon in their water
We all could say good things about her
You fullfilled your mothers dreams
They lied to people
Robin mentioned your name
We would go from time to time
When I was young, I used to see lots of movies
She used to go study in the library
They would go to the beach every day
We used to see more dogs in the town
The child used to sleep 10 hours every day
I always used to begin at 3
We were finding lots of errors
They would swim every Thursday
I would play soccer from time to time
What were you (tu) panning to do with the money?
I used to read a lot of novels also
I was sharing the dessert with him
I plan to go
I plan to speak with her
I was planning to leave
Why were you (usted) saving your money?
because I was here yesterday
when Alicia received the news
that there was an accident
I was living in Kansas and learning Spanish
Do you (tu) want to work from 10 until 3?
I’m going to be here tomorrow
Do you plan to be here tomorrow
i helped many families fix their homes
I used to run but now my knee hurts
Instead of a car
gave him a tree
The young boy was sobbing because his mother gave him a ball instead of a bicycle