Lesson 8

i want to close it
i would recommend the book
its time to have lunch
i should return these pants
i demand that they shut down this plant
i woke early on sunday
i would like to remain in the city
could you please sit down
i feel lost
the people arrived
why do you have the book?
When did you talk with Alicia
There is a book that Marta has
I read what Gloria was reading
I’m studying it
Does she see me?
Are you giving us?
I’ll call you (familiar)
He’s hiding it
I closed the door
they will find it
I recommend the fish not the beef
We are returing the newspaper
please give me it
i choose her
put it in the kitchen
tell me it
come here
do it here
please tell us
put it over there
Chapter 4
do you want to stay
we have to wake up
do you want to sit down
she wants to stay
sit down (familiar)
please wake up
stay here
i sat down
how long did you stay
I got married
when did you all get married?
What time did you wake up?
why are you moving? (familiar)
ill stay here
were getting married
will they get married?
is she waking up?
they are approaching the door
she takes a shower every day
im glad to meet you
dormirse ( to fall asleep ), perderse ( to get lost ), divertirse ( to enjoy oneself/to have fun ), and sentirse ( to feel )
im falling asleep
the girl got lost
are you enjoying yourself? (familiar)
im enjoying myself a lot
how do you feel now?
i don’t feel well
she wasnt feeling well
we fell asleep at 10
they used to enjoy themselves
im sorry that i have to take off
i dont feel well
at what time did you wake up in the morning?