Lesson 9

Lesson 9 Chapter 1le / les
they like the beach
she likes the beach
Jose said your train was late
I’m not happy that we have to study so much
I am not glad that she got sick
I am sorry that you lost your job
I hate that we fight all the time
I doubt that you know what to do
Chapter 2digustar / faltar / importar
I hate household chores
We hated the experience
I used to love to play tennis
My brother loves your car
I am lacking $1500 dollars
They need some more pigs on the farm
How much do you need?
It’s not important to me
Why does it matter to you
Do you care?
He doesn’t care about the job. He only cares about the beer he drinks.
Did you care about the outcome of the election?
I used to love working in the garden
I hated what I saw yesterday
Chapter 3Object particles, People Particles, Direct Objects
lo / los , la / las , le / les
It’s raining on the wood
I met her
She called you
They saw him
I invited her yesterday. I invited her because I saw Tim . . . By the way, I invited him too.
I see him
Chapter 4Indirect objects : to him, to her, to you , use le .
lo/la/los/las for direct objects
le/les for indirect – person and object
I’m buying it.
She invited me.
They saw us.
We’re calling you.
She showed them the photo.
I bought the purse for her.
We called them.
She met her yesterday.
Call him now!
I gave you the jacket.
They left you the money.
Chapter 5le and les become se when lo, la, los, las follow.
Person particle before object particle
They lost it
We buy them
My cousin gave it to me.
Pancho is buying it for us.
She wants to give it to me
He prepared it for you.
She wants to give them to you
Prepare it for us please
She was giving it to us
I am going to send them to you all
She is giving it to her
She was explaining it to him
Flowers are sold
The game was won
Give them to them
I gave them to him
I listened to him and understand him
Im not glad that
I’m sorry that . . .
I hate that we fight all the time
I want that
I hope that
im not happy that
I doubt that