Spanish 3 : Lessons 1-4

we were on zoom
we were on zoom on tuesday and thursday
i was studying
i was here sunday at 4pm
you were dancing in the street
you were there in the street last night (familiar)
i was here for two hours
i was here
why was he here last week
where was she at midnight
where were they yesterday
i was here yesterday in the office
where are you tomorrow (familiar)
why are they in the house
they were in the street with some dogs
we are here
we were here
She is a very good-looking woman
She WAS a very good-looking woman
The soccer player is very good
The soccer player WAS very good
he is depressed
he was depressed
are they here at 3:00
were they here at 3:00
Laura is president for 3 years
Laura was president for 3 years
Laura was president
It was half past five
It was one o’clock
IT WAS ten minutes to eleven.
it was necessary to fix it
it was impossible to see
it was easy to read (exception!)
it was important to study
it was hard to learn
it was important to go
you are my friend (familiar)
i was here yesterday
how much is it
it was seven
they are students
where were you (formal)
I’m bored
She’s bored
The book is boring
We were bored
We were bored yesterday
the food is rich
do it
do it like this
do it with the chair
do it without andrew
because there were problems last night
when i was here
were you here last night at eight (familiar)
good, you were here at 5:00(familiar)
was maria also here
was he here last night with you (formal)
do it with this one
the party was fun (specific point in time)
the class was interesting (specific point in time)
the day was pretty
the party was good until the police arrived
the house was white
the car was blue
the ring was made of gold
when ana was a girl she was tall
ana was shy but now she is sociable
obama was president for the united states
Lesson 1
they had improved their spanish this year
take this glass/cup
he was looking for you last week
my friend told me to loosen up
well, i am nervous about this cough
i had a fear of pills
while she speaks, let’s listen
You are so rigid (familiar)
there was a party friday
there was a reason to be worried
there was a man here last month
I thank you for the wine
thank you for the beer
I would like to improve
I know how to do it
it was necessary to go
after calling us
In order to finish the job
There was an accident last night.
Heather was running up the hill
I appreciate your kindness.
Thanks for your kindness.
Ana was the counselor for five years.
It was important to talk to Mr Lopez
She was a very nice teacher
He is always so angry
I wasn’t tired yesterday
the movie was very sad
We had a washing machine
He was tall
It was difficult to learn it.
how old is he?
She had to take time off yesterday (familiar)
you had a big race last weekend (familiar)
i had to go to the store yesterday
we had it bad last month
they had something to say yesterday
We are correct
Marisa had an accident.
I received a lot of shirts last year.
I got very sleepy after the party.
I want to offer him the job.
were there problems yesterday?
Where were they last night?
She was president for five years.
There was an event at 5:00.
He was here last month.